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Lesson No.11


Answer the following Questions:

Question No.1) How was the local crafts developed through centuries.

Answer: The local crafts were the main source of livelihood for the people of thus region. They were handed down from father to son with continual additions and advancements. In this way the local crafts developed through centuries

Question No.2) What do crafts exhibit about its region?

Answer: Crafts exhibit taste and color of its region.

Question No.3) What does Faisalabad specialize in?
Answer: Faisalabad specializes in cotton and hand woven fabrics.

Question No.4) what does Baluchistan produce?

Answer: Baluchistan produces carpets, jackets and garments with glass work.

Question No.5) What do the crafts of a country represent?

Answer: They represent the culture and traditions of the people.

Question No.6) Name a few of the crafts in various cities of the province of Punjab,

Answer: Faisalabad specializes in cotton and hand woven fabrics Lahore has brass item. Gujranwala produces pottery and hand-made items. Sialkot specializes in cutlery, surgical, sports and stainless steel items. Gujrat produces basketry and walnut wooden items. Ghakkar specializes in bed sheets, durries and khakis.

Question No.7) Write a paragraph explaining how crafts have preserved over the years.

Answer: The craftsmen of our country, due to their skills and hard work, have been able to preserve different crafts of our country. The proud craftsmen pf Pakistan have managed to preserve their crafts by transmitting their specialized skills to subsequent generations. The reasons why they have been preserved and protected inside the family was that they were the main livelihood of the people. When the cities developed and the were interlinked with roads and their crafts had access to greater markets with the result that they were reinvested to save their skills, heritage and crafts

Question No.8) Write an account of any of these crafts you may have seen in a industrial exhibition.(no more than 100 words)

Answer: Last week an industrial exhibition was held in Lahore. I enjoy going to the industrial exhibition whenever they are organized in any city of Pakistan. I gather knowledge and information about the handicrafts and other products which are manufactured in Pakistan.

In the most recent exhibition I was glad to see six pavilions representing the provinces and regions of Pakistan. I was delighted to see cotton, hand-woven fabrics, brass items, pottery, cutlery, surgical instruments, sports goods, stainless steel items, electrical goods and furniture etc. at the Punjab stock. I visited four other pavilions of different provinces of Pakistan and was all praise for such things like carpets, jackets garments and glass works, decoration pieces, wood carvings , basketry, woolen overcoats and walnut furniture etc. I bought many things from this exhibition

Question No 9.) Write a letter to your friends giving account of any crafts of your choice that you mat have seen in the markets.

Examination Hall,

City A,B,C.

Dated : 15-5-2006

My dear Friend,

I hope you will be enjoying your summer vacation with your family I have planned as you know to spend have of my holidays in Murree. I am enjoying the cool and refreshing atmosphere of this greater hill station. I miss you so much here and I missed you more when I attended an exhibition of walnut furniture and basketry. Many people came to attend this exhibition and marveled at craftsmanship of local craftsmen and felt proud to see many foreign people taking great interest at showing great amazement at these things, the quality of walnut furniture which in made at Murree surpasses international standards. I hope you will accompany me and attend this exhibition next time.

Pay my regards to your parents and live to your brother and sisters.

Your loving friend



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